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Geotask is a free app which converts your normal day into real cash

You can earn cash points that work as donations for charity or earn a little extra for yourself by sharing your anonymised location data.

If you want to make a difference for yourself or your community, GeoTask is for you.

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Download the GeoTask App

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Go about your normal day – shopping, meet friends or visit the park

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Remember to always take your phone with you to earn daily cash rewards

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Convert your cash rewards into a donation to charity or convert into PayPal vouchers for yourself

Make each day count!

If you are a person who likes to make a difference we have the app for you….

Earn every day

Go about your normal day. Go to work, grab a coffee, walk your dog, meet up in town or visit the park. You’ll always be earning cash points which you can redeem for guaranteed PayPal cash vouchers.

Fund raise for charity

Donate your cash points to a national or local charity of your choice. Need funds for your sports club or school? Get 100 members to join GeoTask and you will be earning a £1 every day for your favourite cause.

Your location has value

You can now earn cash from what you own – your anonymised location data. All smart phones produce stacks of data, so why not be in control and do some good with yours?

What’s the catch?

GeoTask collects your anonymised location data and in exchange lets you earn points to convert into real cash. Data is aggregated into charts and graphs to help third parties to understand location. No personal data is ever shared

Charity Fund raising

See how much you can raise in the first 100 days with only 100 people donating to your charity with GeoTask

£1 Charity referral bonus

For every person you as the charity refer* to GeoTask you will earn £1. Your first £100 has been raised.

New member bonus

Each new GeoTask member who uses your referral* code will receive 50p. Another £50 coming to your charity

Geotask fund calculator

Profile fee

Another 30p is paid for completing the GeoTask member profile in the app. Great, £30 in the pot.

Location rewards

Your 100 fundraisers will collectively earn £1 a day for sharing their anonymised location data. You’ve now guessed it 100 days – £100 more for your great cause…


Download the GeoTask app, share your location and you will be entered into the weekly and monthly PayPal cash prize draws… A little reward for yourself!



GeoTask £1 PayPal cash reward
20 to be won
£20 paypal voucher GeoTask
1 to be won
3 to be won
3 to be won
GeoTask £1 PayPal cash reward
5 to be won

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GeoTask?

GeoTask is a free iPhone and Android app that enables people to convert their anonymised location data into real cash by going about their normal day.

How does it work?

Just launch the GeoTask app and make an impact in your community or earn some extra cash by simply carrying your phone. Earn cash points every day that you are logged into the GeoTask app. Once you have enough cash points, redeem in exchange for a charitable donation to your chosen charity or convert into PayPal cash vouchers.

Can I go anywhere?

Absolutely! Go shopping, running, go to work or sun bathe on the beach. All of your anonymised location data has value so it will always earn you cash points.

How does the app capture location?

GeoTask uses your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth beacons to measure location, so please make sure to allow the app to use your phone’s geolocation services. The app will ask for your bluetooth to be switched on.

Will the app work indoors?

Yes and no. GPS does not work indoors, however some locations have Bluetooth beacons (shopping centres) to capture location.

What types of mobile phones is GeoTask available on?

GeoTask is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Does GeoTask share my personal data?

No. Never. We hate apps that do that. We never share any personal data with third parties. All location data is anonymised and aggregated with millions of other location data points for reporting purposes.

How do you choose your charity partners?

We don’t you do. You can select any charity to raise money for, all they need is a charity registration number. Nominate your charity here.

How do I claim my PayPal vouchers?

When you have earned the required number of cash points, select the PayPal redeem option in the GeoTask App. We will then email you your PayPal cash voucher. Alternatively chose to donate your cash points to a charity of your choice.

How do I enter the free Prize Draws?

You will be automatically entered into the weekly and monthly free prize draws by keeping the GeoTask app on your phone, activating location settings and keeping your phone on.

How do I claim my prize?

You will be contact via email to inform you if you have been one of our winners. You will received your prize within 14 days of the initial email communication of winning a cash prize.

Where can I download GeoTask?

GeoTask is available to download for free in the Apple and Android app stores.

Please remember we are a PRIVACY FIRST organisation

  • No personal data is ever shared with any third parties
  • No personal data is ever used for reporting purposes
  • Your data is completely anonymous and aggregated with millions of other GeoTask location data points.
  • You will never receive emails or phone calls from any third party businesses or organisations

Join GeoTask by simply downloading the App here (it will take less than 60 seconds to complete)

Download Geotask Android
Download Geotask App Store
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